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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center

Accommodation for International Students

Room categories:

Basic single study bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities (150$)

Self-catered and part-catered rooms with a washbasin, and shared kitchen and bathroom abilities (200$)

New self-catered single rooms with washbasin, a large bed, kitchen and dining facilities with space to socialize and relax as well as freshly fitted shared bathrooms (250$).


Dormitory room rental rates go as follows:

Per room fee for the dormitory N 1: 60.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))
Per room fee for the dormitory N 2: 45.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))

Address: 10 David Anhaght St., 0069, Yerevan, Armenia, «Zeytun» Students’ dormitory No. 1 and No. 2
Tel.: (+37410) 24 49 30

Living Expenses

Living expenses during the period of the study

For one person 200-250$ a month


Fee for kindergarten

For one child 150-200$ a month.

Transfer from and to the Airport and All Other Services


For this purpose, we provide our students with contact that can be useful in these cases.


The applicant can obtain entry visa in the Embassy of Armenia in his/her respective country. The Embassy issues a single entry visa to the student. The student receives a Resident Card once in Armenia, free of charge. The permission for the student’s parents and relatives for a visit to Armenia is maintained through LSIPEC, UNESCO/UNITWIN Network.