Accommodation for International Students

Room categories:

Basic single study bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities (150$)

Self-catered and part-catered rooms with a washbasin, and shared kitchen and bathroom abilities (200$)

New self-catered single rooms with washbasin, a large bed, kitchen and dining facilities with space to socialize and relax as well as freshly fitted shared bathrooms (250$).


Dormitory room rental rates go as follows:

Per room fee for the dormitory N 1: 60.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))
Per room fee for the dormitory N 2: 45.000 AMD (per month (up to three people))

Address: 10 David Anhaght St., 0069, Yerevan, Armenia, «Zeytun» Students’ dormitory No. 1 and No. 2
Tel.: (+37410) 24 49 30

Living Expenses

Living expenses during the period of the study

For one person 200-250$ a month


Fee for kindergarten

For one child 150-200$ a month.

Transfer from and to the Airport and All Other Services


For this purpose, we provide our students with contact that can be useful in these cases. http://www.actigroup.am/


The applicant can obtain entry visa in the Embassy of Armenia in his/her respective country. The Embassy issues a single entry visa to the student. The student receives a Resident Card once in Armenia, free of charge. The permission for the student’s parents and relatives for a visit to Armenia is maintained through LSIPEC, UNESCO/UNITWIN Network.