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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center
Fees and Funding


As a postgraduate student you will need to pay tuition fees to the UNESCO/UNITWIN NETWORK for your taught course or research degree. In return you'll work with internationally renowned academics and have access to some of the best facilities in the world.


What is the amount of the fee? 


The students will pay the same fixed fee of 3000$ for each year of their course up to a maximum of three years, whilst they remain on the same course. Any change in course will result in paying a higher fixed fee for each year of that new course. This applies to all International students who start at the University from 2020/21 onwards.



What is included in the fee?

Our fees for full-time study for both international and local students include the full cost of tuition, examinations and research support expenses (where applicable).




The UNESCO/UNITWIN Network Scholarship awards up to 1.500 USD to eligible students as an automatic reduction in course fees for the first year of the course.

No separate application is required as the committee will confirm your eligibility when reviewing your application for admission. 


More Funding Opportunities 


Many other international organisations, associations, etc. will also offer funding for students who wish to study in the UNESCO/UNITWIN Network. If required, the Network will provide all the necessary documentaions and reccomendations to the students for applying to the funding agency.