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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center
Research and Innovation


Mary Hrachoohi Boghosian

Head of the Branch 




Innovation is key for business and economic competitiveness. Technology Management is the interdisciplinary field that integrates science, engineering with knowledge of business and management for developing practices, technological advancement, and wealth creation.


Complex business environments require flexible leaders with multidisciplinary knowledge to take risk and flexible role. I&TM program enables the graduates with Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree to work in higher-level positions for example as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), or Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) in large high-tech corporations, local and international organizations, government departments, regulatory authorities and public institutions, multi-size business organizations and startups, pursuing innovative research and product development with understanding of the business component of the technology. Thus, the special courses of UNESCO/UNITWIN Interregional Network on Research and Eucation in Biophysics, Biotechnology and environmental Health provide the graduates an opportunity to develop their skills of work in teams of different sizes of diverse professional experience and multidisciplinary backgrounds on life sciences, biophysics, and business related issues emphasizing on creative problem solving and technology planning and management.


We offer a program with a goal to provide students with


Learning Outcome

Graduating students are expected to have gained the following skills and knowledge:


 Core Courses in Innovation and Technology Management (15 credits)


Course Name  Credit 
Fundamentals of Technology Management 2
Fundamentals of Innovation Management     2
Science and Supply Chain Management 3
Technology Venture Development 3

Ethics of Technology Development


Commercialization and Technology Transfer 



Supporting Courses in Innovation and Technology Management (12 credits)


Course Name Credit 
Project and program Management  3
Research and Development Management 3
Business Management  3
Design Thinking, Agile Project Management & Lean Startup 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Developing and Manufacturing Product and Services  3
Intellectual Property Management  3
Advanced Technologies and Law&Policy 3
Innovation&Technology and International Law 3
Technology, Innovation and Engineering 2
Advanced Technologies  2
System Engineering  2
Cell Biomechanics  2
Medical Instrumentation  2
AgroBiotechnology 2
Biophysical Engineering  2
Engineering Sustainability 2
Environmental Engineering 2
Biophysical Engineering  2
Public Health and Law  2
Grant and Proposal Writing  2