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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center


Dr. Vahagn Poghosyan (Advanced Innovation Technology Enterprises)

Dean of the Department



Graduate Program for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in biotechnology is designed to develop skills and capability in the practice, research, process-engineering and teaching of this discipline. The goal of the program is to provide understanding of the methods, basic and applied knowledge of main fields of biotechnology for students who plan to be employed in multiple settings, including governmental agencies, universities (teaching and research), R&D institutes and industry.

Students are expected to participate for one semester in a pre-candidacy program of courses and preliminary research before being specialized in a specific area of research. They enjoy a high degree of independence and freedom in the choice and development of research programs, selection of major advisors, and pursuit of dissertation research.


Core Courses in Biotechnology (15 credits)


Course Name  Credit
Micro-organisms as the main objects of biotechnology 2
Microbial population: properties, variability and preservation 2
Recombinant DNA technology  2
Cellular engineering  2
Process-engineering in biotechnology  2
Biotechnological productions 1
Biocatalysis and biotransformation 2
Biotechnology and environment protection 2


Supporting Courses in Biotechnology (12 credits)


Course Name  Credit
Biotechnology of food production 1
Bacterial insecticides 1
Biotechnology of amino acid production  1
Biotechnology and environment  1
Clonal micropropagation of plants 1
Obtaining of transgene plants 1
Microbial, plant and animal cells and tissues cultures 1
Immobilised enzymes and cells of micro-organisms 2
Immobilised enzymes and cells of micro-organisms 1
The effects of physical factors on higher plants (potato, soy, corn, tomato, etc.) and microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria) and biotechnology of feed and food processing 2


More information on the courses can be found here