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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center









UNESCO-UNITWIN NETWORK aims to arrange for constructive cooperation and collaboration between academic members of the network in order to pave the path for identifying regional biological problems in the member countries for addressing them through Biophysical, Biotechnological and Environmental health approaches.

For this purpose, there are several megaprojects defined by UNESCO/UNITWIN network to be addressed through International Joint/Shared PhD projects. The megaprojects are subdivided by main projects which address the matter through one or a combination of the Biophysical, biotechnological and Environmental Health approaches.

The approved Megaprojects

1) Biophysical and non-toxic control of insects
(Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly control of the insect)
Sub-project title:  
• Biophysical and non-chemical manipulation and control of the desert Locusts
• Pheromone and environmentally safe chemical control of desert locust mating and egg laying
• Desert locust trapping and harvesting using their favorable plantation and glue

2) Water treatment and recovery

(Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly recovery of sea, waste, underground water) 
Sub-project title:  
• Plant based desalination of sea water
• Biotechnical recovery of the sewage water
• Biophysical and biotechnological removal of Fluoride and Arsenic from contaminated water

3) Biotechnological monitoring, control and alleviating of desert (Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly means to look after desert)

Sub-project title:  
• Identification and preservation of the vanishing plantation and wild animals
• Dust stabilization, cultivation and reducing the chance of air dust formation
• Preparation and establishment of desert based biological market





UNESCO-UNITWIN NETWORK aims to arrange and supervise the new style of postgraduate education aiming to solve the regional biological related problems through PhD projects by dedicated students internationally. The constructive cooperation and collaboration of scholar members of the network, their expertise and instrumental facilities will serve the projects to be conducted by student in an up to date and professional manner in different university members of the network. The students whom already accepted by university members, will enjoy complimentary course taught in person and/or through Internet and use their lab facilities following arranged trip to the required country. The   the projects will be addressed through Biophysical, Biotechnological and Environmental health approaches.  

Postgraduate degrees
According to our recent agreement, we will have PhD students (By Research, or Research and Coursework) in Biophysics, Biotechnology or Environmental Health (according to the concept of their approach) to conduct research projects under the supervision of members of the academic of the host institution as well as the member of the Network. They will be graduated based on the regulation of the host university and country and will be awarded an International Joint Degree (IJD) or International Shared Degree (ISD) both endorsed by UNESCO/UNITWIN upon fulfillment of the defined goals. 

Course contents

The required courses will be given in English by members of the Network acting as member of academics of different universities in Iran, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia as well as non-regional countries including Bolivia, Switzerland, Italy, England and so on.


The interested, dedicated and talented applicants should apply online by filling the application form and send the electronic copies of the required certificates and documents. The applicants meeting the first stage scores, will be asked for an online interview. Once they accepted, it will be arranged to be interviewed by the member of academics who found them capable to conduct the project under their supervision and the involved aspects fit to their scientific knowledge, interest and courage.  
The current PhD students may also apply for the position, because there might be a possibility to continue their education under the above scheme partially trimmed to fit to their host institution. So that their supervisor's opinion, courses taken, university regulations and etc. are considered and implemented.   



UNESCO/UNITWIN network enjoys the expertise of many world known scholar and universities that have already registered with the Network listed below. However, the collaboration and cooperation with the Network have gone beyond and dedicated scholars from different parts of the world have also agreed to assist the Network ambitions with all their means. For details, please please click here