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Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center
Continuing Professional Development


LSIPEC provides a flexible student experience for those wishing to develop professionally and personally within the field of Life Sciences.

Our students range from those wanting to follow a very specific career path in Biophysics, Biotechnology or Environmental Health to those whose requirements are more varied and generic. Most of our students are already qualified or experienced Scientists who are seeking to develop and update their professional portfolio.


Learning environment

We are committed to both flexible learning and widening participation and have a solid reputation for strong student support. We understand the challenges our students face and have lots of experience in supporting them within higher education.
Many modules are available as online distance learning.


Available courses
A full list of available courses is below, for information or to apply please contact or 


     1. Isotope study  - 10 days (Moderator - Dr. Naira Bagdasaryan)

     2. Biophysical study of cell membrane properties:

      Current- Clamp, Voltage-Clamp, Patch-Clamp, Concentration –Clamp, Intracellular Perfusion - 15 or 30 days (Moderator - Prof. Sinerk Ayrapetyan)

     3. Genetic engineering of membrane proteins: receptors, ionic channels - 15 or 30 days (Moderator - Prof. Sinerk Ayrapetyan)