Wherever you are in the world, there are different ways for students and graduates to keep in touch with each other and become part of our supportive community.


When you graduate, you automatically join a global community of alumni. There are many ways that you can keep in touch with us, build your network and connect with friends, old and new.


Keep informed of news and events, as well as opportunities to get involved and support the Center by ensuring that your contact details are correct. For this you can send your contacts to info@biophys.am


Get acquianted with some of the members of our Global Alumni Community and their PhD theses


  • Prof. Victor Arvanian - Professor at Stony Brook University, USA 
    “Mutual regulation of electrogenic sodium pumps systems and neuronal membrane chemo receptors” - doctoral
  • Dr. Mirik Suleymanyan - Researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
    “Cell volume and physico-chemical properties of the membrane” – doctoral
  • Dr. Alexandr Saghyan - Senior researcher, The New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA
    “Anti-gradient exit of sodium ions from the cell”
  • Dr. Volodia Hayrapetyan – Senior researcher at Texas University, USA
    “Cell volume and effects of transmembrane flux of water on ionizing currents of membrane of snail neurons”
  • Dr. Erna Dadasyan – Lab Supervisor at Genesis Diagnostics, Greater Philadelphia Area, USA
    “4Hz mechanical vibration-induced effect on heart muscle contractility”
  • Dr. Danik Martirosyan - President of the Functional Food Center/Functional Food Institute, Founder of the Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds, USA
    “Membrane mechanism of the effect of phospholipase A2” 
  • Dr. Arsen Hunanyan - Senior Researcher at Duke University Medical Center, USA
    “The effect of the "poison" of  locusts and the low-frequency electromagnetic field on the membranes of the nerve cell and on the contraction of the heart of the grape snail”
  • Prof. Grygori Rychkov – Associate professor at University of Adelaide, Australia
    “Water fluxes effects on ionic channels in neuronal membrane”
  • Dr. Silva Majinyan - Senior lecturer at Rostov State University, Russia
    “Metabolic regulation of membrane chemoreceptor affinity” 
  • Dr. Irina Bakunc - Head of  Department of  Reanimation  at Nork Marash Medical Center Armenia
    “Membrane mechanisms of ketamine anesthesia”
  • Dr. Elena Egorova Georgyevna - Senior Researcher at Dnepropetrovsk Biological Institute, Ukraine
    “Impact of Ionizing Radiation on system of transporting NA ions and Ca in Neurons” 
  • Prof. Anatoly Dvoretsky - Professor at  Dnepropetrovsk  Agrarian University, Ukraine
    “Systems of transmembrane ion transfer under the influence of ionizing radiation on the animal organism”
  • Dr. Toros Avetisyan - Expert at NBE of Armenia
    “Action of constant magnetic field dependent Ca-dependent processes in snail’ neurons”
  • Dr. Armine Dainelyan - Senior lecturer at Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia 
    “The  magnetic sensitivity of cell hydration in cancer”
  • Dr. Inna Karapetyan - Senior Lecturer at HayBusak University, Armenia
    “Mechanisms of metabotropic action of synaptic mediators” 
  • Dr. Karine Grigoryan - Senior Researcher at The institute of Scientific and Technological center of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry” Armenia
    “Synthesis and spectrum of biological activity of N-substituted derivatives of β-alaline, their lithium salts and choline esters”
  • Prof. Seyed Eshan- ollah Moosavi - Professor at Babol University, Iran
    “The combination of CO2 and H202 as a new tool for microbiological purification of water” 
  • Dr. Naira Baghdasaryan – Head of Isotope Laboratory, LSIPEC, Armenia
    “Water as a Target in the Biological Impact of Physical Factors of a Non-Ionizing Nature” 
  • Dr. Varsik Martirosyan - Leading specialist and quality control manager at “C-Lab” Testing laboratory, Armenia.
    “Impact of physical and chemical factors on growth and viability of bacteria”
  • Dr. Sedrak Barseghyan - Senior Researcher, LSIPEC, Armenia
    “Non-ionizing radiation effect on the distilled water and physicochemical properties of physiological solution”
  • Dr. Liana Yeganyan - LSIPEC, Armenia
     “The dysfunction of Na/K pump α subunit as the principal cause for carcinogenesis and target of the effect of cisplatin and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields”, 
  • Dr. Anush Deghoyan - LSIPEC, Armenia
    “Development and research of biomaterial hydrometry device”




Volunteer with us 

As part of the alumni community, there are a number of opportunities available to you. Every opportunity will help enrich the learning experiences of students.


Benefits of volunteerin


Our alumni choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a way of giving back to the Center, for others it is a way of championing their chosen field. Volunteering helps with:

       ♦  developing a network with fellow alumni across different professions
       ♦  professional development
       ♦  enhancing your CV
       ♦  gaining confidence


We’d like to know a little more about you in order to match your skills and time commitment to the appropriate role. If you would like to become an alumni volunteer, then please send your CV to info@biophys.am and we will be in touch as soon as possible