Before completing your application, review this page for detailed information about available PhD programs, the admissions process, application requirements, target scores, how to apply and deadline dates.


To be eligible for Doctoral program (Ph.D.) the following conditions must be met. Applicants must:
1. be specialists in life sciences or in the areas of physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering, with at least 2 years of practice in the field of life sciences;
2. present MS diploma and two letters of recommendation;
3. Have proficiency in English (minimum B1).
Those applicants who have publications in international journals will have priority in being accepted to the program.

All the Ph.D students take the core courses in general Biophysics during the first year. During this period the students become familiar to the research interests of the Department and select advisors for the Ph.D. dissertation works.
The overall requirements for the Ph.D. programs are described in the following sections followed by the specific requirements for each division.

Preliminarily, PhD courses are suggested to be 3-4 years. The applicants with MA in life sciences will study 3 years and applicant without MA degree will study 4 years. This is a new flexible Master of Research (MRes) in Advanced Biological Sciences degree from LSIPEC. The one-year course, tailored to your particular interests, is a stepping stone to the further study at PhD level or a gateway to many careers in industry scientific services, science communication, teaching profession or in scientific policy making.
Courses will be conducted in compliance with PhD international program providing the students 66 credits. Many distinguished scientists from various international leading institutions will participate in the process of education.
PhD students will have the opportunity to conduct a part of their dissertation in foreign laboratories and supervised by four leading scientists. The graduates will receive an appropriate diploma of the state standard according to the regulations of home country. The students will be involved in research projects that are implemented within the framework of the Network.
In addition, English and modern computer courses are included in the program.

PhD courses leading to the Doctoral degree (66 credits) will consist of the following components:
• Core courses (total 15-17 credits).
• Supporting courses as approved by PhD Advisory Board (11 credits minimum)
• Dissertation research (35 credits)
• Seminars (4 credits)
• Satisfactory seminar and defense of an approved doctoral dissertation based on laboratory and/or theoretical research.
Theoretical courses (core and supporting) will be realized through distant education system (DES) and will be conducted by a team of leading lecturers from participant institutions (providing 17 credits). At the end of each semester the examination on current courses will be organized.

The annual tuition and fees for students enrolled in the Ph.D program for the 2019-2020 academic year is 5000$.

Deadline for submission is 31.07.2019