On September 6-9, 2016 the UNESCO Chair of Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center organized the 9th EMF International Workshop: Bioelectromagnetics and Water Science to Aid Environmental Health Defence in Garni, Armenia.

Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center is currently inviting young researchers to work and take PhD courses at LSIPEC

UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences will present the results of the research carried out in the Center in International Conferences

Participation in Upcoming Conferences



5th International Scientific Congress “Globalistics-2017” 

Moscow, Russia, September 25-30, 2017


The 5th International Scientific Congress “Globalistics-2017” will be held on September 25-30, 2017 at the Lomonosov Moscow State University traditionally organizing and hosting the Congresses “Globalistics” since 2009. In the Year of Ecology proclaimed for 2017 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin thus drawing attention to environmental problems and the necessity to maintain the ecological diversity and to protect the global ecological security, the Congress “Globalistics-2017” will focus on global ecology and sustainable development. Prof. Sinerik Ayrapetyan has been invited to present a talk on "UNITWIN Interregional Network on PhD Education and Research in Biophysics, Biotechnology and Environmental Health" initiated by UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences (Armenia).




“Nutrition: from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studies (NLRCS)”

Mashhad, Iran, September 6-8, 2017


“Nutrition: from Laboratory Research to Clinical Studies (NLRCS)” is going to be held September 6-8, 2017 in Mashhad, Iran. This congress comprises 6 parallel panels including Human Nutrition & Health, Molecular mechanisms in Obesity, metabolic syndrome and related disorders, Molecular Medicine and Nutritional Diseases, Basic Sciences Studies in the Field of Genetics, Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Nutrition and Cardiovascular Diseases, Food Sciences and security. The program highlights some recent breakthrough stories and successes in this particular field. Prof. Sinerik Ayrapetyan is invited to be the chair and key speaker in this meeting and deliver a talk on "The Dysfunction of Metabolically Controlled Cell Hydration as a Primary Mechanism for Carcinogenesis". To view the program, please kindly follow the link.