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UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences at Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center (LSIPEC) is organizing the Inaugural Workshop of “UNESCO/UNITWIN Interregional Network on PhD Education and Research in Biophysics, Biotechnology and Environmental Health”, which has been officially approved by UNESCO.

UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences will present the results of the research carried out in the Center in International Conferences







The device “Biophys-Expert-1” is designed for measurement of active and reactive (capacitive) components of electrical conductivity of biotissues in two-frequency mode, in micropower regime. The device also provides the measurement of the temperature in the area of conductivity measurement.




Technical Parameters:
- Diapason of conductivity measurement - 10-5 – 10-3 S
- Precision of conductivity measurement -  ± 0,8  %
- Diapason of temperature measurement - 0 – 50 0C
- Precision of temperature measurement  - ± 0,1 0C
- Frequency of measurement HF - 1580±1 Hz
- Frequency of measurement LF - 17,5±02 Hz
- Voltage - 35 x 10-3 V
- Form of measuring current sinusoidal
- Power of self-heating during conductivity measurement - ≤ 0,612 x 10-6 W
- Power of self-heating during temperature measurement - ≤ 2,73 x 10-6 W
- Form of conductivity sensor radial placed electrodes
- Form of temperature sensor needle-shaped
- Diameter of temperature sensor - 0,9 mm
- Charge of built-in digital voltmeter - 3,5
- Power supply (autonomous) - 9  +2 -1 V
- Expendable current - 72±3 mA
- Operation duration of the storage battery with capacity of 180mA/h - 2,2 hours
- HWD - 120 x 213 x 85
- Weight - 1,2 kg



Biophys-03 Device for measuring the motion activity of laboratory animals










Technical parameters:

- Size of the Camera 50x50x30xcm
- Number of the sector for  registration of the motion - 4 (also possible 6 and 8)
- Output signal ≤ 10 V
- Indication of the animal location
- Computer recording for the analysis of the animal behavior
- Power supply 220 V; 50  Hz; 10 W



Biophys MWD-001 Device for measuring the Specific Absorption Rate of bio-tissues and liquids




A high precision device for the measurement of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) with wide diapason of getting the Extremely High Power Pulses (EHPP) waves and direct calculation of measuring parameters.





Technical parameters:

- Diapason of the measurements 0-199 mV
- Admissible error of the measurement ≤ 2 MV
- Power sensitivity 0,1 mV
- Frequency diapason of the measuring power - from ultra long EHPP to infrared diapason.
- Dedicated for the recording of the external registrator:
a) voltage of the measuring power
b) voltage of the output of the Comparison Chamber
c) voltage of the Measuring Chamber



Biophys TT-01  Thermometer and Thermostat





A device for imitation of the thermal processes. It provides a high precision tracking of the temperature in the Chamber of temperature measurements. The device has unique capabilities for studying the thermal processes.




Technical parameters:

- Diapason of the measuring temperature - 100 - + 1000 C
- Precision of the temperature measurement ± 0,3 0C
- Allowable capacity – 0,1 0C; 0,01 0C
- The rate of the setting of the temperature in the Chamber - 0,8 sec.
- The diameter of the thermo sensor – 0,83 mm

- Sensitivity of the thermometers of the Measuring Chamber 0,1 0C with the capacity of amplify until 0,01 0C







It is meant for increasing the bioavailability of irrigation water for plants. It generates   from 1 to 100Hz EMF with intensity of 0.2 mT. Different frequency windows are applied for different plants. 











It is meant for the registration of muscle contraction as well as for the registration of heart pulsation and respiratory activity. The registration is made by means of alteration of mechanical contractions into electrical impulses. The sensor works without intermediate boosters with corresponding register. The sensor is simple in structure and handy for operation. 






Technical parameters: 
- Voltage, V                                                12±20% 
- Sensitivity, mk V/mg                                  1 
- Non-linear character, not more than            0.1 
- Dimensions, mm  b, h, 1                            20, 10, 150






The peculiarities of Biophys-R are: small size, high precision, automatic supply, small-sized electrode. 






Technical parameters: 
Measurement range:                                     Measurement errors: 
pH                                1-12                         pH                                  ± 0,05 
Potential                      +1999mV                   Potential                          ±1mV 
Temperature                ±50°C                       Temperature                    ±0,2°C








This equipment is meant for measuring systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure of experimental animals by cuff method in half-autonomous regime. 





Technical parameters: 
- Pressure measurement limits 20-400 mm mercury column 
- Error "><1%

- Temperature measurement limits 0-50°C 
- Error ±1°C

- Pulse frequency change range  100-300 beatings/min 
- Error <1,5%






This equipment has an exclusively high precision of measurement due to micropowerful regime of functioning. 






Technical parameters: 

- Conductivity measurement range            10-1-10-8 sim 
- Measurement current                            <10-7A 
- Error                                                    < 0,5% 
- Shape of measured current sinusoid,       70 Hz 
- Power supply                                        220V±10%, 50Hz






This is an instrument with low level of noise meant for complex electrophysiological measurements of vital cells.It is used for precise complex electrophysiological investigations: 
1. The study of transmembrane potential and current at fixation of the membrane current and membrane potential, respectively 
2. Measurement of intracellular ionic composition by means of ionselective microelectrode; 
3. Electrical and ionoforetic stimulation of cells; 
4. Study and evaluation of microelectrodes' resistance. 

- Active probe input impedance                                  10-8W 
- Active ionoselective probe input impendance             10-12W 
- Output resistance                                                   100W 
- Maximum input voltage                                            ±10 
- Probe leakage current                                             "><10-13A 
- Noise (input shorted)                                               "><50µV p-p 10kHz 
- Noise (input 1 MW)                                                 "><50µV p-p 10kHz 
- Meter section display                                              3.5 digit IRD 
- Dimensions                                                             29x23x8 sm 
- Power                                                                    200±15% 
- Weight                                                                    3kg







A simple device for measuring the conductivity of bio-tissues, liquids and etc. It has a high precision device by extra-low levels of measuring current by measuring the active and reactive components of the measuring conductivity.

Technical parameters:
- Diapason of measuring parameters – 10-2 – 10-7 sim.
- Errors of measurements - ± 1 %
- Form of measuring current – sinusoidal
- Value of measuring current < 1x10-6 A








Multifunction device for the investigation of living cells by microelectrode with ease of operation and wide capabilities:





Technical parameters:

- Investigations with the help of voltage clamp on cell membrane
- Capability for iontoforetic influence
- High resistance input for connecting the ion-selective electrode.
- Internal isolated source for stimulating voltage.
- Capability of measuring the resistance of microelectrode
- Outputs for connecting the external outputs







A simple device for the registration of the physical voltage, contractility of the monosized muscle (heart muscle), slices of heart tissue, living systems.

Technical parameters:
- Output signal ≤ 5 V of stabilized current
- Diapason of measuring parameters 0÷2 gr.
- Resolving capacity – 20 mgr.
- Power supply 220 V; 50 Hz; 4 W
- Output for the external registrator
- Ease of operation and large information content



RTM-01 Medical Radiometer




Medical radiometry is a perspective direction in the field of diagnosis of diseases entailing the change in the internal tissue temperature,

The pathology is detected by measuring the intensity of natural electromagnetic radiation from patients' internal tissue at microwavw frequencies. The intensity of radiation is proportional to the temperature of tissues.

The internal tissues temperature often changes due to inflammatory processes, change in blood supply or increased cell metabolism during the oncologic transformation of tissues.

Medical radiometry has a number of advantages, such a the fillowing:

• the early diagnosis of diseases, the possibility to detect pathology of the internal organs noninvasively before the set of structural changes that can be detected;

• the absolute absence of harm for patients of all ages and with any diseases, as well as for medical stuff;

• the possibility to conduct the examinations repeatedly (monitoring of treatment);

• the depth of the abnormality detection is 3 up to 10 cm;

• the simplicity of the device in handling (the procedure may be conducted by the secondary medical stuff).