On September 6-9, 2016 the UNESCO Chair of Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center organized the 9th EMF International Workshop: Bioelectromagnetics and Water Science to Aid Environmental Health Defence in Garni, Armenia.

Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center is currently inviting young researchers to work and take PhD courses at LSIPEC

UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences will present the results of the research carried out in the Center in International Conferences



The current studies of the Department of Biophysics and Neurophysiology are listed below.



1. Cellular and Molecular mechanism of the influences of low concentration ouabain and extra weak intensity of  non-ionizing radiation on heart muscle contractility.

• Computerized recording of heart muscle contractility by means of High Sensitive-Isometric Transducer; 
• Specific drying method for determination of cell hydration:
• Photometric determination of intracellular ionic concentration;
• Isotope method for determination of the number of ouabain receptors on membrane;
• Immunoassay method for determination of intracellular messengers.



2. The membrane mechanisms of the effect of ELF EMF and MMW and infrasound on neuronal activity and sperm motility


• Current and Voltage Clamp Computerized recording of neuronal activity;
• Patch-clump recording of neuronal and sperm membrane activity;
• In vivo recording of intracellular ionic composition by Intracellular ion-selective microelectrodes; 
• Luminescent microscopic method for recording intracellular concentration of Ca ions;
• Photometric determination of intracellular ionic concentration; 
• Specific drying method for determination of cell hydration;
• Isotope method for recording ionic fluxes through the cell membrane;
• Isotope method for counting the number of agonist receptors on membrane;
• Immunoassay method for determination of intracellular messengers. 

3. Heart Muscle Biophysics  -  The study of the mechanisms of extremely low frequency of electromagnetic fields (ELF EMF) on heart muscle contractility. 

4. Membrane  Biophysics  - The study of the mechanisms of infrasound on heart muscle contractility and neuronal electrical activity.   

5. Magnetobiology -  The study of  cellular Mechanisms of non thermal effect of MMW on neuronal activity. 

6.Water and water solutions -  The study of effects of extraweak intensity of non-ionizing radiation on physicochemical properties of water and water solution.