On September 6-9, 2016 the UNESCO Chair of Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center organized the 9th EMF International Workshop: Bioelectromagnetics and Water Science to Aid Environmental Health Defence in Garni, Armenia.

Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center is currently inviting young researchers to work and take PhD courses at LSIPEC

UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences will present the results of the research carried out in the Center in International Conferences




Currently the Department of Biomedical Engineering is studying the cellular mechanism of the non-thermal effect of MMW on rats' brain cell hydration and pain threshold. 


  · The Design and Development of a Device for Accurately Determining Post Mortem Duration

  · The development of a new device for definition of ovulation time

  · Development of a Simple and Inexpensive Device for Determining the Quality of Meat


   • Conductometric recording of  specific electrical conductivity (SEC) of water solutions;
   • Cryoscopic method for recording of heat fusion of water solutions (Biophys-1);
   • Micro-calorimetric method for determination of specific heat capacity of water solutions (Biophys-1);
   • X-ray Rontgen diffraction method (Computerized recording of DRON-4);
   • Potenciometric method for determination of CO2 and O2 solubility in water;
   • Luminescent method for determination of reactive oxygen species in water solution;
   • Photometric determination of intracellular ionic concentration; 
   • Specific drying method for determination of cell hydration;
   • Isotope method for recording of ionic fluxes through the cell membrane;
   • Current and Voltage Clamp method for Computerized recording of plant cell electrical activity;
   • In vivo recording of intracellular ionic composition by intracellular ion-selective microelectrodes;
   • Patch-clump recording of electrical activity of E.Coli membrane  (in the process of elaboration)